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tejpor, savópor fagyiba

Distribution of full and skimmed milk powder, production of milk powder mixes.

European quality,
at an affordable price!


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Our firm produces and distributes 15 different kinds of milk powder mixes with various fat, protein and lactose content for bakery, ice-cream and confectionery purposes domestically and internationally.

What are our products made of?

milk powder for shake According to the needs of our customers we manufacture mixes in any rations using exclusively dairy ingredients, without any additives.
Our products are marketed under the trade names PUFI and SÁRKÁNY - but in case of export orders we mark the sacks with the required names. We also provide specifications with any of our products.

What are the advantages of using our products?

Due to the relative high lactose content of our products, brioche and all other bakery products with milk content brown earlier. This makes production much cheaper, since the process requires less energy.
Higher calcium content makes food healthier.

Production process ..

We have been manufacturing our products in our EU-approved facility since 1994 with Swiss technology to the greatest satisfaction of our customers.

Our EU registry code: HU-421.

Our production facility is operated under the HACCP quality control system. Quality checks and control are conducted in our own and simultaneously in accredited laboratories. During the production process, only such kinds of ingredients are used in our plant, which originate from EU-accredited domestic facilities and EU approved countries.
Even our firm's food industry experts participated in the accreditation process of these firms.


The core activity of our firm since its establishment has been the production of milk powder and other mixes for food industry purposes.
  • kalacsba, kiflibe tejporWe also undertake toll manufacturing of food industry powder mixes.
  • Our products are continuously available in excellent quality for confectioners, bakers, ice-cream manufacturers and for patisseries.
  • We also undertake toll manufacturing of non-spicy food industry powder mixes in our EU-accredited production facility, with continuous delivery of ingredients and finished products, according to our customers' needs.
  • We apply customized pricing, taking into consideration the delivered quantities and the special needs of our customers.
  • Our production plant completely fulfils the regarding EU requirements and norms, thus the production process is certified with an EU registry code number.
  • Our daily production capacity is around 15-20 tons of finished products - milk powder or powder mix.
  • We sell butter in 20 tonnas capacity form Europen Union factory


In case you are interested in our production process or products, please contact us using the e-mail address below:
    Our products are made exclusively from dairy industry ingredients.
  • Our mixes contain strictly controlled rations of protein, fat and lactose.
  • Due to their controlled rations, the application of our products makes food industry production economic.
  • Our products are free form additives, allergenic materials and preservatives.
  • The production process is continuously controlled; we also deliver to domestic and international partners.
  • The guarantees of our products are the quality certifications and continuous controls.
  • Our products are available from wholesalers all around the country, in case of orders exceeding 10 tons/month; they can be delivered directly from our production facility. If the order does not exceed the quantity of several sacks, it can also be delivered from our warehouse.


kalacsba, kiflibe tejpor

    Our core products:

  • PUFI 25 powder mix
  • PUFI S powder mix
  • PUFI L powder mix
  • PUFI Bäcker powder mix
  • Sárkány milk powder

    Export products:

  • PUFI Milk 25
  • PUFI Milk FAT
  • Bäke - S
  • Bäke - C
  • King milk
  • Green milk
  • Pufi L milk mix

    Application fields of our PUFI products:
    Production of:

  • croissants, rolls
  • different kind of brioches
  • flaky pastries
  • Ice-creams
  • Fruit yoghurts, creams
  • And also as additives for wafer fills
Our products differ in their protein, lactose and fat contents, they are developed according to the needs of our customers.

Packaging units: 25, 30, 40 kg/sack 750, 810, 840 kg/pallet

Expiry date of our products: Stored in dry, cool places 1 year

A guarantee of our quality standards: no quality reclamation occurred during our more than one decade operation.

If you don't know yet, try our products!

We can provide you with a 1 kg sample for trial and you can experience the excellent applicability of our products!

Apart from our own brands, we also market the following products.


sovány tejporDelivered from EU-accredited German, French, Czech and Slovakian etc. facilities.

First class milk powder, recommended into the attention of every food production plant!

These products are recommended to the following food industry sectors:

  • fagyiba, jégkrémbe tejporConfectionery
  • Ice-cream producing facilities
  • Bakery
  • Patisseries (for baking and making creams)
  • Dairy facilities (producing cheese, yoghurt, kefir etc.)
  • Packaging units: 25 kg/ sack
  • 800 kg/pallet
  • We also provide quality certificate to our products!



fagyiba tejporzsiros tejporOur milk-based full milk powder has 26.5 % fat content with rich nutritive values.

They provide excellent applicability for every kind of facilities using full milk powder.

Fields of application:

  • Ice-cream production
  • Patisseries
  • Chocolate production
  • Confectionery plants
  • Dairy plants (sour cream, cheese etc.)
  • Packaging units: 25 kg/ sack
  • 800 kg/pallet
  • We also provide quality certification to our products!

whole MILK POWDER / ADPI standard grade

extra cream sweet whey powder

Buttermilk powder

wpc 35

WPC 35 Easily digestible sweet wheypowder concentrate in 5kg packages is available. It includes 35% protein.

Wpc 80

WPC 80 Easily digestible sweet wheypowder concentrate in 5 kg packages is available. It includes 80% protein.


WPI INSTANT is a quickly absorbing, easy to digest whey protein isolate, available in 1 kg sacks. 100g WPI INSTANT whey protein isolate contains 90 grams of whey proteins.

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